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About Me

Believe in yourself. Be true to yourself. And Always put those first who Love and Support you.

The facts

Only Person stopping you is you.

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Hi my name is Wayne lee Almond Psychic Clairvoyant Medium and have been a medium for nearly 5 years I love what I do and I have the support of my amazing family that love and support me. And we have a lovely Crystal Shop in Bury Market Manchester.

I love Our family holidays and love experiencing different culture's. I love reading anything to do with spiritualism and the consciousness and the universe and anything that helps me on my spiritual journey. I do Mediumship Workshops for beginners/Intermediate to help them on there beginning of there journey which is the most important.

The mission

Believe in yourself.

Don't let the past effect your future. Only You Can create your Destiny.

Remember to give gratitude to the universe to know the universe is working in your favour.

 Believe in synchronicity in life that all you need is trust and know everything works out for your higher good.


Love is the light to guiding all you beautiful spiritual souls on your path of enlightenment and lighting the way to all that endeavour in your enchanted spiritual path.


Believe in yourself and love and protection of mother earth. You never lost in your journey of peace and happiness but merely searching for more and to connect to your higher consciousness  to your awareness to your soul of creation.

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